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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Pirate Pumpkins Dastardly Deed

Another day, another party! Today was a pirate adventure with Hopscotch Entertainment which was set in Wallsend Memorial Hall.  We have previously been to an outstanding Superhero party here earlier in the summer, also by Hopscotch (read our blog here A Super Adventure).

Upon entering, our names were ticked off the list by the lovely Stephen and we went into join our friends and to complete our first task, making a pirate hat.  There was lots of stickers for the children to use and I think you will agree, Luca made a particularly fine effort.  

The setting is fantastic and as the room is so huge there is lots of room for the children to run about to waste some energy before the fun begins and they had fun playing hide and seek for a while until it was time for the adventure to start.

This caper was all about the naughty Pirate Pumpkin and his sidekick Bones, who hatched a devious plan to steal the Tinker Fairy's wand.  The children had to help to get it back by completing a series of tasks set by the pirates.  Of course, Tink needed some help in bringing the bad guys to justice and that help arrived in the shape of The Snow Queen.  She enthralled the children by singing a little song, you may well have heard of, the young audience certainly did and joined in wholeheartedly, a fabulous sight!

All the characters were fabulous, they really got all the children excited and involved.  The tasks were great fun, first of all was a spooky obstacle course, then we had to throw spooky beanbags into pumpkins and finally wrap up two unsuspecting 'mummies' in toilet roll! Throughout all the tasks, the characters and other members of staff were on hand to help the children and show them what to do,  

Included in the ticket price was a picnic lunch and also there was unlimited juice available throughout the party.  Our children ate their picnic on the floor next to Tink and Elsa and they both fully interacted with all the kids throughout, as did Pirate Pumpkin and Bones, with all four posing for photographs when asked.  So friendly and enthusiastic, they were really good with the little ones.

After lunch it was time for some party games, everyone played pass the parcel and a game where they all had to be various animals. That was great and one of our kids, Matilda, won a prize and was selected by Elsa, she was extremely happy about that!

All the parents joined in for one massive hokey cokey at the end of the party and then it was time for photographs and party bags.

It was some of my friends first time at a Hopscotch event and they, along with us, were more than impressed, at all aspects of the event from the organisation, to the characters and all the effort that goes into making it one big success. Eva and Luca's favourite was Bones and they were pleased that the naughty pirates had to say sorry and turn into goodies.

We have booked for the Once Upon a Christmas event also and are very much looking forward to what the team have in store for us.  Thank you for a wonderful afternoon and we will see you all again very soon!

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