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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Not So Spooky Halloween Ball with Emma Enchanted

Our 3rd! yes 3rd! Halloween party this year was courtesy of the wonderful Emma Enchanted.  This was the Not So Spooky Halloween Ball and this year we were accompanied by our friends Charlotte and Rebecca.

Eva decided that as it was a Halloween party, she would wear her spooky dress again and witches headband and she looks adorable in it although she wants to be a scary vampire!

Upon arrival at the venue, it was magically decorated, complete with spooky spiders webs and low lighting, it looked amazing.  Emma and Amanda always set a wonderful scene and its lovely walking in to see what they have in store for us this time.

At this party were The Mermaid Princess, The Snow Queen, The Arabian Princess and The Flower Princess.  Eva's favourite on this occasion was The Arabian Princess.  Each child always receives a lovely warm and friendly greeting with every princess making sure they talk to every child and share hugs and giggles, it really settles Eva's nerves as she is quite shy really.

We started off with a game where the children were divided up into teams, Eva and Charlotte were with The Mermaid Princess and  Rebecca, The Snow Queen.  They had to design a scary monster/witch/something spooky anyway and they took the task very seriously and had great fun.  Next was pass the skull! Pass the parcel but with a difference, you passed the scary skull round the circle very quickly, whoever it landed on when the music stopped was out and had to go and dance with the princesses, a great punishment in my opinion.  This is one game that Eva takes incredibly seriously and she got to the final, once again. Her competitive streak is hilarious and this was a fun game.

She won a gorgeous snowflake bracelet and was very pleased with herself.  Throughout the games, the mini princesses went to the back to have glitter tattoo's applied, Eva chose a purple glitter cat.

The games were really fun and the children took part with a lot of enthusiasm.  Eva particularly enjoyed the one which involved me being wrapped up in toilet paper as a mummy! Her giggles were wonderful and the kids in my team were brilliant.  We also won, which is an added bonus.  They also did a great game where there was yucky things in witches hats and they had to feel them and guess what they were.  The face says it all...


It was then time for a yummy snack, drink and a story.  The children all sat entranced at The Arabian Princess told the story of Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent with lots of enthusiastic audience participation.

Now for the part I love the best, the songs, I cannot help but get very emotional when I watch Eva listening to the singing, she knows pretty much all the songs off by heart and she sings along with such feeling  and adoration I just love it.  I often have a little tear.  We had beautiful songs by the Arabian Princess and The Snow Queen.  All too soon it was time to go.  The princesses handed out beautiful certificates and photographs and posed for lots and lots and LOTS! of photographs.

As usual, we had an absolutely magical time at the Not So Spooky Ball, it never disappoints and Eva always comes away a little bit more in love with the princesses.  We sometimes worry that she might get 'princessed' out, but to be honest, there are no signs of that happening and whilst they continue to enchant and bring her (and me) so much happiness we will continue! 

Thanks Emma, Amanda and your fabulous team once again for delighting my little girl and her friends, one thing she does keep asking however is, 'Where is Tiana?' haha! :0) xx

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