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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Splat Centre Easter Fun

Since The Splat Centre in Whitley Bay opened a couple of years ago, we have been regular visitors for soft play, birthday parties and the special events that they often put on.  Our latest visit was yesterday (8th April 2014) for their Easter Fun Day.  We love going to Splat as it is a friendly, family run place and there is always a nice atmosphere.

We arrived, gave our names and were told we were in the red group with Michelle and to listen out for next instructions.  For once in our lives we were actually early so we managed to bag ourselves some good seats and the children went off to play.  There were 4 different activities all set up in 4 different areas.  After about ten minutes or so Red Group was called to our first activity which was chocolate egg decorating.  Michelle was a great group leader, she has a lovely way with the kids and has loads of patience.  The kids loved it! and they looked yummy.

The finished products

Lots of concentration needed

Back to play in the soft play for a few minutes until the 2nd activity was ready, Easter nest cake making. Each child got to 'bash' the Shredded Wheat up, Michelle added the melted chocolate then all the children took a turn in stirring.  We added a lovely yellow chick and some mini eggs to our creations, then had to prise them off the children in order to set.

The third activity was card making, Eva made hers for Mammy and Luca did one for Daddy, they took great pride in this.  I love my children's enthusiasm for art and crafts, they really take care and enjoy being creative.  
The fourth activity was egg decorating.  Michelle brought out a bowl of hard boiled eggs and the children painted them.  Eva was particularly happy about this as the one she had lovingly decorated at school met a but of a messy end! 

The fun continued. The children had their faces painted as Easter Bunnies, super cute and the girls flew through the long queue, what is it about kids and face painting! They love it! I had a couple of particularly fine looking bunnies. 

Face painting done, the children gathered in the toddler area whilst the egg hunt was organised.  I was impressed with the way the egg hunt was dealt with.  There were a few older kids who dived straight in and took lots of the eggs, my mam noticed that the eggs were collected in and then discreetly re-hidden.  All the children were given a treat which was nicely done as my daughter in particular had been quite upset when she hadn't been able to find an egg!  It's the little things that parents appreciate.

It was then upstairs for the Mad Hatters Picnic, plenty of food and juice for the children to tuck in. The Mad Hatter (Michael the owner) was brilliant, daft and loud, just as a Mad Hatter should be.  The children enjoyed having a ball fight with him, that made them giggle! Once tea was over it was back downstairs for a meeting with the Easter Bunny.  The Bunny handed out treats to the kids and they had a bit of a dance.  My son, Luca joined in really well, he even ventured off to dance without Mammy! I was impressed.

Eva's day was topped off when she won Musical Statues.

We had a lovely afternoon, where else would you get 4 hours of entertainment, crafts, fun and soft play for £10? We highly recommend it and would like to say a big thank you to all the gang at Splat for a really lovely afternoon.

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