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Since I became a mammy, I have tried to find lots of fun activities, days out, events and holidays for my family. I love being busy and visiting new places and I hope you will enjoy reading them. My blog is jam packed with reviews of places we have been, maybe I get help you with a little inspiration.  We are lucky enough to travel quite a bit so the blog features lots of places in the North East and beyond.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Girls and Unicorns

We love going to the theatre and watching a show, I have been taking Eva to the theatre since she was two and a half, she adores it and has such fun watching all the drama unfold on stage.  We had never been to the Customs House in South Shields before, so when we saw a show entitled 'The Girl and The Unicorn' a play written especially for children, we decided to get a gang together and go along.  We thought to make it a bit more of an adventure, that we would get the ferry from North to South Shields. Parking was really good and quite reasonable and the ferry was so cheap! The Customs House will even refund you 1 way's ferry ticket price at the box office.  The trip took about 7 minutes and we were there.  Out of the ferry dock it is a left turn and about a five minute walk along the riverfront to the Customs House.  I hate the drive to South Shields so this was perfect and completely hassle free. The Ferry .

Onto the show, there was 19 of us all together, 12 children ranging in ages and 7 adults. We had an entire row in the theatre! Upon arrival, each child was given a goody bag containing sweets, a chocolate bar, various leaflets and a free childs ticket to the cinema at the Customs House. Fabulous.  So after much excitement and decision making as to who to sit next to and where, we all settled down to enjoy the show. It was brilliant, the perfect length to keep little ones interest and lots and lots of audience participation.  The children thoroughly enjoyed it.  The story was about a little girl named Sophia whose grandma was poorly.  Sophia had lovely dreams and she discovered that unicorns have healing powers and wants to find one to help her grandma.  It's a lovely sweet story and the unicorn is just gorgeous.  At the end of the show, all the children got to meet the unicorn and to place a wish on the magic wishing tree. It was a really lovely show and we all had a great time.  Prices were fabulous too, £7 for the children and £5 for the adults.  We will be keeping an eye on the Customs House for further shows such as this.

Making Magical Memories

If you have kids, like us, little girls in particular, you will no doubt be surrounded by Disney Princesses. My daughter, Eva, is 5 and is utterly in love with them. She adores all things princessey, sparkly and glitzy - which girl doesn't?  From a really young age, she has been entranced by the Disney Princesses and spends hours re-enacting scenes from films and watching the DVD's.  For her 4th birthday she decided she would like a Snow White party. I needed to enlist outside help for this, whilst I am good with coming up with ideas, I need help with creation.  I found a fabulous lady through the marvellous world of Facebook (sometimes it does have it's uses!) Nikki has done lots of work for me in the past, she is awesome!  I asked her if she could create a Snow White party theme for me - and she did. It was amazing, Nikki is beyond talented and is such a super lady, please have a look at her page if you need inspiration and beautiful partyware. Lila's Party


Now the challenge began to find the star guest.  At this age, Snow White was Eva's absolute idol, she adored her, sang the songs and had a few of the toys .....

A friend told me about a lady who did princess visits, she dressed in character and came along to parties, did a song and a bit of a guest appearance. I found the page, again on Facebook, and got her booked to come along as Princess Snow.  The customer service I received was second to none, especially as I made a massive mistake in booking the venue, Emma and Amanda worked to help me rectify this and I was eternally grateful! We kept Snow's appearance a secret from Eva and the rest of the guests, I love surprises so was bursting keeping it quiet! The day of the party finally arrived, Diane from the Creation Station ran the party for me (more about her in another blog!) and it was amazing.  About halfway through, Emma telephoned to say she had arrived. The sight of Snow White clambering out of a Nissan Micra (I think!) was to behold! I was utterly speechless when I saw her - she was Snow White! It was amazing, she was exactly as Snow White should look and what every little girl imagines her to look like.

The look on Eva's face when Snow White walked in to her party was priceless, I cried! She just whispered 'it's Snow White' was completely star struck and was unable to talk! I don't think she could believe it!! Emma just glided into the room and even had the authentic accent.  All the children stopped what they were doing, including the boys. She was just beautiful.  She sang ' A Smile and a Song' and it was fabulous, Eva just stared at her, I had such a lump in my throat.

Although Eva never spoke much, if at all, she was completely star struck, she has spoke about it non stop since and still refers to it today. We have since attended many events and have booked Emma as various other princesses over the last couple of years and she never fails to amaze.  Thank you Emma for helping to make my daughters dreams come true.
 Emma Enchanted the maker of dreams

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partyware by Lila's Party
princess by Emma Enchanted
party provided by The Creation Station