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Sunday, 26 October 2014

A Magical Happening

Yesterday saw the first of our many Halloween celebrations.  Each year I organise a Halloween party for my children and their friends.  I adore Halloween, it is so much fun and this is one holiday that the children will definitely never grow out of!

One of the best parts of halloween is the dressing up, my kids love dressing up and getting into the spirit of things.  The shops are absolutely crammed full of Halloween merchandise, sweeties and costumes so we had great fun choosing.  Eva this year is a Gothic vampire and I adore her costume, it is just amazing.  Luca is the most handsome Vampire, he chose himself this year, the previous years have had him as a crazy spider amongst others! 

Halloween through the years
Eva's 1st Halloween, 2009
Luca's 1st Halloween 2011
Eva and her best friend Lily, Halloween 2011

Mean n moody, Halloween 2012
Frankie Baby! Halloween 2012

I like to do something a bit different for my parties and so the theme this year was magic.  We have seen the wonderful Captain Raggy Beard on many occasions now and last year we saw him at Kirkley Hall as Raggy Potter, a mystical wizard.  Eva loves him in either form and I am always impressed at how he engages with the children and gets them involved and intrigued with his storytelling and games.  

 Raggy Potter and the lovely Mrs Potter arrived to set up and brought with them all manner of props and spells, as well as Halloween decorations, face painting and tattoos.  I arranged a sweet buffet table for the children's trick or treat bags.

When the guests started to arrive, I was amazed, the children all looked magnificent and had made such a huge effort (and some of the mammies and one brave daddy)

Erin, Sophie and Lila-Rose
Lila-Rose and her mammy Gemma

Happiness! Rebecca and her big sister Charlotte
Wanna play with this scary dolly?

What followed was a fun, filled magical two hours.  We had spooky stories, mystical games, dancing, magic spells, everlasting bubbles, piñata bashing and even a balloon release which we sent up into the sky for some lucky person to find and hopefully return to Raggy Potter. The furthest a balloon has travelled so far is 8 miles so we are hoping to beat that record.  Raggy Potter gave each child a lucky penny which they had to put in their shoe for good luck and he gave them a few spells to try out to bring happy days for them.  Each child also got a mystical witch's tear to keep, I won't reveal any secrets but my two have carried theirs with them ever since the party!

The children had a ball and I think, apart from the odd sugar overdose, they all went home shattered with lots of goodies to enjoy.

Thank you Raggy Potter for a marvellous party, we hope to see you again soon.

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