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Thursday, 21 August 2014

A Vintage Mermaid Party

For those of you that know us, you may have noticed a slight princess obsession with my 5 year old daughter Eva. Thanks to the unbelievable Emma Enchanted we have been lucky enough to meet most of Eva's beloved princesses (check her out if you have a little girl, no-one can be bettered in my opinion).



Imagine my delight, when I entered a competition to win a princess party and Eva won! We were over the moon, we won a party for 15 children to be held in June.  She could choose her princess and the one that had eluded us so far was The Mermaid Princess, so that was who she chose.  Now onto the search to find a venue, my house is not big enough for 15 excitable princesses plus a Mermaid!  I checked a few venues but I wanted somewhere special, somewhere a bit different.  I had been to The Vintage Powder Room before and it is beautiful so I contacted Lou to see if it would be possible.  She was amazing and offered me a great deal and even agreed to close the Tea Room to the public so we could have full use.  Again, I used the wonderful Lila's Party for my decorations and place cards and she provided a bespoke service and produced the most beautiful things for me.

The day of the party dawned and we arrived at the tea room to find it all beautifully set up and even got a hand off Michael with my decorations.  They also did not mind me strategically re-arranging their entire room so the princesses could dance.  Michael and Lou could not be more friendly and accommodating, they have a great array of party packages for young and old alike and they also have an amazing beautician who can do vintage style make-overs, that is next on my list.

Our beautful Mermaid Princess arrived and the children were in awe.  They sang and danced together, enjoyed a story and had a fabulous time.  Of course there was the obligatory photo shoot with each princess getting their turn.

After our Mermaid left, it was time for tea, Lou had provided the most delicious spread for the girls complete with pink lemonade in champagne glasses.  It went down very well and the girls loved being 'grown up'.

We had the most lovely time at The Vintage Tea Rooms and with the lovely Emma Enchanted, a little girls perfect day, thank you to all of you

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