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Monday, 13 April 2015

CBeebies Live - Mr Tumble's Circus

For the past few years we have taken Eva to see CBeebies Live whenever it has been in Newcastle.  Luca has always been too young we felt.  This year, for one reason or another, we didn't buy tickets but I was sad that we would miss it.  Then lo and behold, a miracle occurred.  A friend of mine messaged me to say her cousin had won tickets and couldn't go, would we like them! Wow! Of course! The children were over the moon, Luca is a massive Mr Tumble fan.  I have to admit that Mr Tumble will always have a special place in my heart.  I love him for the memories I have of Eva from a teeny tot singing 'Hello hello how are you' and also for Luca and his 'doiiii'.  I am sure parents of Tumble fans get what I am trying to say here :0)

This years theme was Mr Tumbles Circus and the show starred CBeebies favourites Andy, Gem (from Swashbuckle) and Kat.

Our tickets were waiting at the box office for us and we were pleased to see we had fabulous seats.

It was a fabulous show, filled with all our favourite characters from all of Justin's shows, Something Special, Justin's House and Gigglebiz.  There were acrobats, fireworks and plenty of audience participation.  My favourite part of the show, as in the other CBeebies shows we have seen, is the children's reaction to when Mr Tumble comes on.  They go crazy! he is like god to them and they adore him and I, as I have previously said, adore him for this reason! May sound daft but the man has the Midas touch and the teeny ones are his biggest fans.

Thank you Justin and friends for another wonderful memory.  The show was fantastic, keep doing what you are doing, your fans will always love you.

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