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Since I became a mammy, I have tried to find lots of fun activities, days out, events and holidays for my family. I love being busy and visiting new places and I hope you will enjoy reading them. My blog is jam packed with reviews of places we have been, maybe I get help you with a little inspiration.  We are lucky enough to travel quite a bit so the blog features lots of places in the North East and beyond.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Jam Jar Cinema

I discovered this gem of a place completely by accident, it was one of those 'suggestions for you' on Facebook and I am naturally nosey so I took a look.  I am so pleased I did so, Jam Jar is one of my best finds yet.  It is a small cinema in the heart of Whitley Bay and is a charitable organisation.  It was set up in September 2013 and it is largely run by volunteers.  The wonderful Dan Ellis along with Stephen Fairley, two local lads, took an idea and ran with it.  The result was Jam Jar.   I decided to form a plan.  I got in touch with Jam Jar about private hire, involved some friends and our new Kids Kinema Klub was born.  The cinema seats 42 people in premier seating, the most legroom I have ever had in a cinema and a wonderful atmosphere.  Private hire gets you any film you like (as long as it is available on DVD) and the full use of the bar/lounge area for 4 hours.  The first film we chose was Despicable Me 2.

I provided goody bags, popcorn and juice for during the film and then afterwards all the children got a hotdog and a bit of a run about and catch up with their friends.  It was a massive success so I booked more ... 

This time I also asked Emma Enchanted to come along to surprise the children.  They were all sat in their seats patiently waiting for the film, when in walked the stars themselves! There were a few tears from the mammies (especially me) at the little ones reactions, it was amazing.  They danced and sang and had fun with the beautiful princesses and then afterwards we made our own Singalong Frozen with the kids up out of their seats and dancing and singing in front of the big screen.  Fantastic! That is one of the things I love most about Jam Jar, it is completely informal, you can sing and dance as much as you like!

We have since enjoyed Monsters University and more recently Brave

with our very own Scottish Princess coming along to teach us to dance and also test our archery skills
I have now booked 3 more films for this year Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy is coming up and then we have Halloween and Christmas specials.  I have even started booking into next year!

As our childrens films are such a success, I decided that I would put on a Ladies Night and what better film to start off with than Pretty Woman.  I arranged with Michelino's in Whitley Bay to provide us with delicious pizzas, 33 of them! and I brought wine and popcorn for 42 very excited ladies.  

Luckily the Jam Jar has a fully stocked bar at really reasonable prices so us thirsty ladies did not go short!  Again I have booked for our next film, Breakfast at Tiffany's complete with cocktails.  Jam Jar show a massive range of films for all the family and plenty of choice for adults too.  Have a peek at their schedule, there is bound to be something you fancy.  I like how it gives us the chance to see films we have only ever seen on DVD up on the big screen as was intended.  Go along, see for yourself, but not too much, I don't really want to share it with anyone! 


  1. We have the same blog template :) Quite funny when we're both Newcastle based bloggers :p

    I've been wanting to go to Jam Jar for agggggges!! Not got round to it yet :D

    Chloe x

    1. Hi Chloe, it is lovely and has just had a refurb, pop yourself along, they have some great films coming up! Mandy x