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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Post School Time Beamish

Just before my daughter and her little pals embarked on their next adventure into Reception class and Nursery, we decided to take them on a trip to Beamish. We waited for a school day hoping it to be quieter, it was! We were right, it was also terribly rainy! Didn't worry the kids however.  So, 4 mammies, 5 children and a couple of buggies descended on County Durham! Beamish is fabulous for children, again another fantastic day out that we have on our north eastern doorstep.

First stop - the tram!! Kids love the tram, it was lovely to see their little faces in amazement as we took the short trip into the town

Tram Fun!

The edwardian town has loads of things to occupy and excite young minds, the queue for the sweetie shop was just massive so we decided to have a look in the garage first.  Luca loved being in there and looking at the cars and accessories.  The 'garage owner' was lovely and talked to the children and was more than happy to answer all their questions and ask them questions of his own. I find that with all the staff/guides at Beamish, they are so enthusiastic about their jobs, you really feel that you have gone back in time.  After spending sometime in the garage we went over to the Masonic Lodge, a recent-ish addition to the town.  The kids had great fun in here, there is a big hall inside which they ran about in, there was only a couple of things we had to refrain them from jumping on!.  Next time we visit, the latest addition to the town, a bakers will be open, cannot wait to sample the goods.

Next stop was the Fish and Chip shop!! This again is a fairly new addition to Beamish, a very popular addition it seems as there was a long queue.  The smell was delightful as we stood and waited for our lunch, deep coal fire fried in beef dripping, the traditional way.  Maybe not the healthiest option but certainly a yummy choice! They are served wrapped in newspaper and we enjoyed them very much sitting huddled in the lovely dining room as the rain lashed down outside.


After lunch, we made a mad dash in the rain! over to the Pit Village.  The colliery cottages are faithfully recreated from the early 1900's and show us how life was for the families living there.  We had a good explore in the houses and even got to try our hand at 'proggy' mat making.

One of the funniest parts of the day was the discover of the outside 'netty'! The children found it hilarious and even more so when one of the ladies from the cottages came out and challenged them to pull the best 'straining' face!! 

Ice creams next from the van at the end of the houses and more running about chasing and running away from 'The Gruffalo'! (really just a poor lady picking up litter!)

We finally got to go into the sweetie shop, again sheltering from the rain, where the kids picked some yummy treats for them and their daddy.

We had a fantastic day at Beamish and the best bit is, that for the admission price of £17.50 per adult, we get a whole 12 months unlimited use, children under 5 get in for free.  Throughout the year, Beamish put on a variety of events including Halloween, Bonfire and Christmas events (some of which you need to pay for and are not included in your Unlimited Pass). These events are well renowned and we hope to visit them all at some point.

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