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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Invasion - at Woodhorn

You may have noticed by now, my kids love characters! Be it princess, superhero, cartoon, whatever, they have heroes and a lot of them.

I noticed Invasion at Woodhorn advertised a few weeks ago and having missed it last year we were determined to get there this year.  Even more so when we discovered the Avengers and various Star Wars dudes would be there.  My daughter Eva, thanks to her Daddy, absolutely loves Star Wars and is desperate to meet Princess Leia, we could but hope ....  Also, my friend Andy announced he would be there in two characters, The Doctor and also Spiderman so the decision was made.

Woodhorn is roughly 30 minute drive from us, we have been before for the Annual Miners Picnic and they always put on a great day.  The museum is well worth a visit,it is full of local history, something we should all know of and be proud of.

The only charge for the day was for car parking £3.50 per car which I don't think is too bad. We arrived just before 11 and there was a bit of a queue but it quickly went down.  We were given a programme of events and it was literally a minutes walk into the museum.

Who could have guessed, the first person we saw was Princess Leia! Eva could not believe her eyes, we had to rush on past for now though as we were going to see the Avengers Training Academy.

The kids were really pleased to see two Avengers that they haven't met before The Black Widow and Hawkeye.  Even Loki made an appearance until Black Widow and the Avenger squad sorted him out, great fun.  There was time at the end of the Academy to get photos for everyone and the characters were fabulous, everyone we met throughout the day was more than happy to take time and pose for us, so friendly and kind.

The whole event was really well organised,   There was all kinds of cosplayers there, some we didn't recognise amongst firm favourites and lesser known characters.  It was brilliant to see lots of Star Wars there aswell as many from Batman and his adventures.


We took part in a Vampire Hunt with the Ghostbusters and caught Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  We met The Doctor, Ursula the Sea Witch and Luca's buddy SpiderMan.

We went along to see the Star Wars crew as they trained up new Jedi's and Eva's eyes nearly popped out of her head when this guy walked in

Is it ok for a 6 year old to have Darth Vader as a hero?


Last event of our day was the Villains talk with Joker, The Riddler and a few more of Batman's enemies.  It was really funny, the Joker was brilliant with the kids and was a complete natural.  All manner of baddies joined in the fun, until Batman came along to save the day!

What a fantastic day we had, as I mentioned before, all the characters looked great and were so lovely.  Took time out of their day to get photos and high fives and they really made my children's experience so magical.  Thank you to the organisers and to everyone who took part.

See you all again next year, can we make a request for Thor? !

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